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from dust to light

I work with broken agricultural parts, old tools and kitchen items.

These dusty or rusty tools are mainly collected on flea markets. Destined to be forgotten otherwise, I clean them and give them a well-deserved new lease of life.

brain teasers concept

from many to one

I connect several items with each other. I use their shape, their function and most of all the damage they have suffered that will make the difference.

The concept is drawn from puzzles and brain-teasers. One or several items block the others, so they become one.

I aim for global harmony, and above all the pleasure of creating

   machines    creatures


from useful to visual

Assembled into a sculpture, useful tools fall into the realm of visual art.

Their original use, the memories and history attached to them, bond them together as a unique item, a piece of art in its own right.

The impulse is given, you are now free to open your imagination in your own way.

 brain teasers & recycling