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Sparked by Aboriginal Art

Everything started in the heart of Australia in an Alice Springs gallery. I am transfixed, as if hypnotized, in front of an Aboriginal fresco.

I am overwhelmed, awestruck. I, who travel to take photographs of the magic that surrounds me, am drawn in by the powerful beauty of this one painting.

I want to buy it but can’t. I feel disappointed, frustrated.

So I decide that I will make one myself.

first sculptures

The urge to create remains, as well as remaining materials. I grab a few items and start to tinker, to connect them together. It makes me feel great. Sculptures accumulate.

self-made sculptor

My “apartment-workshop” is overwhelmed by sculptures.
Exhibiting them becomes an obvious next step.


decoration & painting

Back in Lyon, I start painting.

On my own at first and then in group classes, I discover the different techniques and marvel at the talents of each one.

Thanks to other enthusiasts, electronic music enters into my life. They ask me to decorate for three electro events.

Recycling, concepts, and discussions motivate me.

However, mornings after leave me with a bitter taste. I stop.